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Featured Vendor: Provimi Veal Corporation
Winn Meat Company is proud to provide our customers with Provimi products, the best in American Veal.

Provimi Veal

Provimi Veal is the country's most recognized packer of veal products. Since 1962, Provimi has been producing the highest quality veal in the world. Provimi specializes in supplying distributors, clubs, supermarkets, restaurants and specialty markets such as fund-raising organizations and catalog houses. We tailor our products to our customers' needs.

The company began its operations in 1962 when Aat Groenevelt, company founder and a Native of the Netherlands, introduced the Dutch method of producing special-fed veal to this country with the opening of a veal calf feed plant in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. At that time, European style milk-fed veal was non-existent in the United States. Provimi developed a marketing and promotional program in order to make calf production a viable enterprise.

The name Provimi is derived from the original formula and process of raising calves. Protein, Vitamins and Minerals were added to the milk feed.

In 1974 Provimi Veal started its first packing and processing facility in Seymour, Wisconsin. Provimi initiated an innovative marketing approach to veal packing by selling fresh veal vacuum-packaged rather than the standard method of selling full carcasses. Stringent quality and grading standards were developed, assuring the customer consistent product and total satisfaction.

Provimi is committed to processing only special-fed veal (sometimes called "fancy" or milk-fed).

All calves are raised by Provimi's stringent standards. This type of veal is distinguished by its light pink color, its firm texture and its even marbling throughout the meat. Provimi will not produce any veal of lower quality, specifically "grain-fed" or "bob" veal (newborn calves).

After slaughter, the calves are chilled overnight in order to reach the proper temperature for processing, and to facilitate the final grading. Carcasses are graded on a color basis and dressed calves must meet three criteria: a color, a weight and a conformity standard. Only those calves meeting all three of these strict minimum standards are processed and sold as Provimi Veal, and all other carcasses are marketing through several other outlets.

Provimi attributes a great deal of its success to its comprehensive marketing strategy. This concept takes into consideration every element of the veal industry. This begins with the growing ofthe calves including a scientifically designed feeding program, professional consultation, HACCP approved processing and an unmatched distribution chain. Second, a direct sales force in both foodservice and in a retail capacity backs our processing. Third, Provimi follows up its sales of product with an unmatched guarantee of quality.

All of this to make the best veal in the world for you.

Special Fed Veal: It's Beginnings

The beginnings of the veal industry took place immediately following World War II when the United States and Canada were assisting in the reconstruction efforts taking place in Europe. North America had millions of metric tons of skim milk powder in storage with little or no commercial value. As a gesture of goodwill, this source of protein was shipped to the European continent to provide a nutritional supplement to an already meager diet. In view of the near total destruction of many cities and the surrounding countryside, the raising of crops and cattle, as well as the food distribution process, was greatly disrupted as a result of the war.

Within a relatively short period of time, a sufficient supply of milk powder existed in Europe and the residents of various countries began to look for new methods of utilizing the skim milk.

The Dutch, in their struggle to rebuild their cheese manufacturing, started to build a significant supply of liquid whey, which is a by-product of the cheese making process. At the same time, they were attempting to supply their populace with a fresh supply of beef, the raising of which was very difficult because of lack of pastureland in this very small country.

As the cheese industry grew in the Netherlands, so did the number of dairy calves due to the necessity for milk. A simple equation: keep the dairy cows pregnant so they can continue to give milk. The result of these pregnancies produces a significant number of baby calves, half of which are returned to the dairy industry, and the other half (the bulls) become available for further feeding or slaughter. The Dutch began feeding these bull calves the skim milk powder from North America, mixed with the liquid whey from their cheese manufacturing, and with some refinement in feed ingredients, developed a meat source that could be produced without the need for pasture land. All parts of the puzzle were now complete and thus began the formula-fed veal industry as we know it today.

Provimi Holland was the pioneer in commercializing the production of formula feed for veal calves. This milk replacer has come to be known as the finest available and was the initial driving force behind the Provimi quality image.

The highly finished carcasses this feed produced, coupled with superior trim, innovative products and state-of-the-art packaging all add up to the finest veal products available in the marketplace today.



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